Irene CalderonPresident, Settlement Consultant

Irene brings decades of experience working with injured parties and their attorneys as a professional structured settlement consultant. She brings compassion, the highest ethical standard and professionalism to each and every case regardless of size. She is highly respected in the industry and has earned the trust of the legal professionals.

Irene develops a full understanding of the case, the injury and future needs. She then creates several customized plans to fit each need, working with the attorney and injured party during mediations to successfully resolve each case. She often structures attorney fees as part of the overall settlement. She prepares the settlement documents and remains involved until the structured settlement policy is issued. Customer Service is her highest priority. As needed, Irene teams with financial professionals and trust attorneys to bring a full spectrum of products and services providing the best financial decisions. Her mission is to provide long term financial security, peace of mind, and the highest level of service for injured parties and their attorneys.

Offering a range of industry-leading services, Irene is available for mediations, settlement consultations, rated age consultations, and review and pricing of life care plans and economists’ reports—all at no cost.

Irene has worked in the structured settlement industry for over 27 years.  In 2008, Irene established Calderon Settlements Group, located in Santa Ana, California.  Irene has worked on high profile cases throughout the United States and helped injured parties make their settlements last a lifetime. Outside of work, Irene and her husband George enjoy watching their son play basketball.

Memberships & Affiliations
  • American Association of Settlement Consultants (AASC)
  • Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA)
  • Orange County Trial Lawyers Association (OCTLA)


Regardless of size, Irene approaches each case with the same high level of professionalism and efficiency.

Areas of specialization include:


  • Catastrophic Physical injury cases
  • Personal injury cases
  • Minor’s settlements
  • Employment cases
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Mass Tort Settlements
  • Long Term Care

Are you in the process of settling a lawsuit for a personal injury?