Solutions for a better future. At Calderon Settlements & Insurance Services we offer the highest caliber of settlement planning in the industry. A balance of cash on hand, and future payments with a structured settlement while protecting assets by creating Special Needs Trusts, Preservation Trusts and Medicare Set-Asides when appropriate. Our priority is to get to know each of our clients. To understand their future needs and build a comprehensive financial plan to meet every aspect of their life moving forward. LEARN MORE

What we do


From tax-free structured settlement annuities to long-term care insurance, our team walks injured claimants through all available financial options.


We identify each client’s unique needs, goals, and circumstances to develop a custom plan that provides financial protection and peace of mind.


Our thorough approach ensures that every step of the settlement planning process is completed properly, allowing the client to focus on moving forward.

Our Settlement Services

The team at Calderon Settlements & Insurance Services is committed to adding value to the settlement experience and in turn, our client’s lives. We approach every settlement from a comprehensive planning perspective, complete with custom-designed plans, a full range of products and services, implementation of the customized plan, and long-term plan monitoring. Through our affiliation with Sage Settlement Consulting, we offer access to the industry’s most cutting-edge products and services, including:

  • Tax-Free Structured Settlement Annuities
  • Tax-Free Market-Based Structured Settlements
  • Non-Qualified Tax-Deferred Structured Settlements
  • Attorney Fee Tax Deferral Strategies
  • Preservation and Special Needs Trust Services
  • Qualified Settlement Funds (468B Trusts)
  • Lien Resolution Services
  • Medicare Set-Aside Services
  • Long-Term Care Insurance

More than 25 Years
of Settlement Planning Experience

Every claimant and attorney who chooses to work with Calderon Settlements & Insurance Services can expect attentive, first-rate service reflective of our core values: Integrity, Respect, Empathy, Efficiency, and Quality.