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 Irene Calderon
Irene Calderon

Irene Calderon, President

Irene Calderon has made the country's top litigators look even better. As a structured settlement specialist, she advises attorneys across the nation who specialize in High Exposure Mass Tort, Class Action Cases, Construction Injury, General Liability, Employment Litigation, Medical Malpractice and Automobile cases.

Working with purpose, she serves attorneys and their clients in a principled, compassionate way, making the difference in case after case.

Some of the high-profile cases that have
benefitted from Irene Calderon's expertise:

Abner Louima v. City of New York

Geronimo Pratt v. City of Los Angeles

Tony Scott v. City of Los Angeles

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Routinely ranked among the top structured settlement specialists in the U.S.
Irene custom designs periodic payments to meet the medical and financial needs
of your clients. Her exceptional product knowledge complements her facility and
clear communication to attorneys and their clients.

She is available for Presentations, Mediations, Settlement Consultations, Rated
Age Consultations, reviewing and pricing of Life Care Plans and Economists' Reports,
all at no charge.



Irene Calderon & Martha Cochran Sherrard
Irene Calderon & Martha Cochran Sherrard team with the Cochran Firm across the United States to assist their clients with settlements.

A wealth of experience

Irene tailors her business to serve the needs of the Inner Circle, the association of America's top plaintiff lawyers. She has helped many attorneys defer tax liabilities through the use of structured settlements.

Prior to the formation of "The Calderon Settlements Group" in 2008, Irene held a similar position where she was routinely ranked among the "Top Producer" in the country.



Irene with family
Irene and her husband George, a financial planner,
savor the time they spend with their son Drew.

A pressing concern for justice

Today, advances in healthcare encourage plaintiffs to expect longer lifespans. And if historical inflation rates continue for the next 20 years, the cost of living, including medical expenses, will double or even triple by 2025.

Tax-free structured settlement payments offer added safety in the face of rising medical costs and inflation - and payments are often sizably greater than a distribution from a lump sum.




Irene Calderon

Away from her profession, Irene finds joy in her faith and her family, and enjoys teaching, the arts and the benefits of exercise. This California State University, Fullerton graduate has covered a lot of ground - she continually stays fit, and has twice completed the L.A. Marathon. She also enjoys the great spas, viniculture and golf of the Napa and Temecula Valleys and Europe.

Irene invites you to e-mail or call her office to request information, and to explore the possibilities of a professional affiliation between your firm and The Calderon Settlements Group.

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